Not just a game, a way of life.

HomeSystem InfoHow To Play MajorMUDMUD RulesMUD LinksContact UsSignup NowPlay MajorMUD Now Learning how to play is one of the most exciting parts of the adventure.  Be very careful, it is extremely easy to become addicted.

While in the game simply type "HELP <topic>" (without quotes) to receive help on that particular topic or just type "HELP" alone.

For detailed help we recommend that you visit MudCentral, a site full of great information about MajorMUD. 

Most MajorMUD players use a Telnet program to connect to the game server.  Most computers already have the neccessary software to play, to find out click here, if you receive any error messages, you will need to download a telnet program.

For those mudders who are dedicated to the game there are several different scripting programs.  The most popular program is "MegaMUD". Scripting programs allow you to point and click your way around the mud, and allow you leave your system unattended while gathering experience. 

So, if you ready go ahead and signup today for your FREE ACCOUNT!